Kangana Ranaut lands in Mumbai with injured foot

Kangana Ranaut gets injured on the set of ‘Manikarnika’ and she landed in Mumbai with injured foot. Kangana was hurt but she was full of smile. She was snapped at Mumbai airport with injured legs. Sat on a wheel chair, Kangana dons a smile on her face.

Kangana got hurt during ‘Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi’ shooting in Jodhpur and she has been advised to take rest.

Kangana, who is playing the role of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, suffered a ligament tear in her right ankle last night, while performing some action sequences. 

She was rushed to Goyal Hospital in Jodhpur at 4.00 am.

The actor interacted with the media present at the hospital and said that it was nothing serious and she is fine.

"During this scene, I stumbled and injured my right ankle. There was nothing serious, It was just a sprain," Kangana said.

Dr Pulkit Goyal, who treated the actor, said she has been prescribed to take some rest.

"We did an X-ray and found that there was no fracture. It was just a sprain, after which we put a cast and recommended her to rest for some time," he said.
kangana ranaut
kangana ranaut