Mira Rajput shares pictures from Goa vacation

Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput took off to Goa for a mini vacation and the star wife shared a glimpse of stunning pictures from Goa.

Mira shared pool picture, breakfast session picture and partial relaxing picture of the duo.

Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput whisked off to Goa for a mini vacation. The married couple was spotted at the Mumbai airport. Both were dressed in casual. While Mira Rajput looked chic in a denims and a white tee, Shahid Kapoor sported a maroon tee and olive green camo pants. Both donned masks to get protected from coronavirus.

Mira and Shahid had an age difference of 13 years. Mira became mother of two kids, Misha and Zain at early age. Shahid talked about how adjusting after marriage was difficult for Mira, as she was quite young.

“She got married so young, had two kids and had to figure out how to deal with that when she was just stepping out of being a kid herself. She must have had her dreams and desires but she pushed those aside. That’s a lot to deal with. Also, the fact that we have an age difference, we are 13 years apart,” he said.

The ‘Kabir Singh’ actor revealed that Mira has no inclination towards acting. The actor quips she has “never really expressed any such inclination”. “She supports me for what I do, and I will continue to support her for whatever she wants to do,” he says. Shahid further adds that Mira has her own set of skills and talents. “She is creative and has great sense of clothes and is very good with food, too. She is well spoken and well read. She is also quite good with make-up. I appreciate all those things about her. She has a sense of design when it comes to houses and furniture. Having said that, she is pretty comfortable in front of the camera, too,” he says.