Shahid helped me to stay calm during pregnancy, Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are the happiest couple and parents of two lovely kids, Misha and Zain. Mira became mother in a very early age and gives she credit to her hubby for keeping her calm and happy during pregnancy.

Speaking with, Mira Rajput showered praise on Shahid for helping and supporting her through her pregnancies. She talked about the importance of having a supportive husband during pregnancy. Mira said that Shahid helped her in all possible ways. She also Mira revealed that he helped her stay “very calm and happy” during her pregnancy. She gives credit to Shahid for making both her pregnancies a “beautiful journey” for her.

Mira Rajput said, “I was only able to do this with complete support from both Shahid and my family.”

"Traditional tips from mom and sisters along with my own love for yoga, helped me stay confident both mentally and physically during both Misha and Zain. Moreover, listening to your body and developing a healthy routine helped me," she added.

Currently, the star wife is holidaying in Goa with her actor hubby. Mira shared few stunning photos from her vacation.