Ye dhong hai, Aditya Narayan on Pawandeep and Arunita’s romance

Two contestants Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal’s make-believe romance is keeping the entertainment quotient high on the singing reality show, ‘Indian Idol 12’. Their fake romance has been able to attract the interest of the audience. The makers have cooked their love angle so interestingly that audience feels it is authentic. However, host of the show and singer Aditya Narayan opened up that Pawandeep and Arunita’s romance is a lie.

He talked to Bollywood Spy, “Hum masti karte hai (We are just having some fun). People say that we cook up make-believe affairs on reality shows. So what? Did we ever say no? We do it. Ye dhong hai (This is all lie). But you enjoy it no? Because we love to do it.”

Aditya and even the judges are seen pulling Pawandeep and Arunita’s leg.

Last year, the makers cooked up Aditya and Neha Kakkar’s love story and this time they are making audience foolish by making a fake love story of the two young and talented contestants. “They are young people and if something does happen between them, they have our wishes, and if not, it’s their lives. So we are just enjoying. Last season, with what happened between Neha and me, people got offended as if they are our relatives. ‘How can you do this?’ I say ‘Hello, we are putting on a show’,” he said.

There is emotion, love and drama in Pawandeep and Arunita’s love story. In the recent episode. Arunita surprised Pawan by calling his sisters Jyoti and Chandani on the stage. This sweet gesture and surprise totally moved Pawandeep. Talking about the surprise, Pawandeep Rajan said, “I am just very speechless today. I have been missing my sisters a lot and seeing them in front of my eyes after a long gap really made me happy. From childhood through every walk of life, my sisters have been my pillar of strength and a great support. I would also like to say that, I am lucky to have such fabulous friends on this show and I am grateful to Arunita for this pleasant surprise, which truly made my day.”

Host Aditya Narayan joked with Pawan’s sisters and asked them what qualities they like to see in their sister-in-law. To which Jyoti said, “The preference of selecting and shortl isting our sister-in-law has been given to Arunita already. She is the one who will take this task and help us in finding a beautiful girl for our dear brother Pawandeep.”